Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain


Chronic pain by definition is any pain that lasts longer than three months. Americans spend more than 50 billion a year on back pain. Many of these Treatments only address the symptoms and the not the cause of the complaint and will likely only get short term results. Many patients present to our office to get rid of their pain. Chiropractic care is effective at reducing pain; however failure of addressing the causes of the symptoms will not fully resolve problems.

The most common cause of chronic complaints are a past history of injury in that region, closely followed by muscle imbalance. Unresolved traumas and recurrent micro traumas lead to inflammation adhesions and muscle imbalance. This set the stage for decreased work capacity. Rest improves the symptoms however the imbalance leaves you predisposed for chronicity.

Your Posture Is Your Future

Your mother was right when she told you to stand up straight. Poor posture leads to:

  • Increased pain
  • Increased stress
  • Tight muscles
  • Headaches
  • Decrease in shock absorption
  • Arthritic changes
  • Fatigue

Pain is a Symptom of the problem

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