We have all heard that "you are what you eat" this is true, nutrition does play a pivotal role in our health. This statement however, needs to be updated for the modern world we now live in; "we are what we eat, drink, breath, apply, and don't eliminate." Our body is designed to be well if we give it the right nutrients and effectively remove toxins, it will continue to function. Our body's current state of health or lack of, is its best attempt given what it has to work with. Maybe the best present we can give our ourselves is to remove the obstacles that are preventing it from being healthy. Remember health is a positive vitality, not just the absence of disease.

Removing the obstacles to cure

Even though each one of us has different genetic and biochemical individuality, there are universal requirements for health:

  • hydration
  • acid base balance
  • nutrient uptake
  • enzyme health
  • Colon health
  • Toxin elimination

These and other factors helps to set up the body's terrain which allows for the proper assimilation, storage, metabolism of fuels and removal environmental and metabolic wastes. Imbalances in these set the stage for inflammation, toxicity, altered healing and immune function

Lifestyle Medicine

Many people are coming to the conclusion that our well- being is influenced by lifestyle choices. Growing research shows that what we do on a daily basis has a greater effect on our future health than any other single influence.

This proven therapeutic lifestyle approach has been shown to improve body composition, blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid hormones and other complaints all by addressing the body's needs through.

  • Healthy food plan
  • Exercise
  • Stress reduction
  • Detoxification ?

Am I stressed?

Is My health being effected by toxins?

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